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Remember it well... This is what a real Fairy Tail wizard is!
Welcome Guest to Unison Grave If you're a new member, you probably don't know how to navigate throughout the forum. Well, here's where you start out first. First off, Introduce yourself. If you're interested in joining into the RP, then you must first make a character. You may find the template in this section, also, be sure to read the Forum Rules

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The Rules L1_s1_v1
Language 1: Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.

Sexual Content 1: Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted. No explicit representations or references to genitalia or sex acts.

Violence 1: Mild violence is permitted. Explicit descriptions of violence is not allowed.

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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 9:37 am

1 ) Characters
-If you are new to this forum, you may only have One Character! After awhile, and you have shown to us that you will be active and have RP'ed well with your one character, you may be given the chance to create a second and third character. Three is the limit of characters you can have, and you must create a new account with the name of your character so we know who it is. You MUST have a minimum of 50 - 100 Non Spam posts to be eligible to create another character.

2 )Literacy
-You must be Semi-Literate to Literate in posts. No one liners, and three to five sentences minimum. Writers blocks are acceptable but it does not need to occur time and time again.

3 ) God Modding
-When responding to a battle post or making a general post, your character is limited to the knowledge that you have gained as a character and the strength/battle skill that is reflective of their character. In other words, you cannot be omniscient (Knowing, Sensing, Feeling what ever another person might be thinking, desiring, heading too) unless they have spoke it themselves, nor can people be omnipotent (Dodging, Attacking, 1-hit-killing EVERY time you battle).

If you come across a Person who is rightfully doing this, PM them to cease their actions and point them to this post. If they do not comply, you have the right to disregard their post entirely and report them to the GM team.

Keep in mind that there is an expectation of "realism" that we wish to create among People to ensure a fulfilling RP experience. Those who cannot respect this risk exclusion from the RP.

4 ) The 4th Wall
-The 4th Wall is the barrier between your own knowledge and that of your characters. Your character can't know what is going on in another area without a logical way to find out, nor is within it. They cannot know something without the means of learning about it, nor can they happen to enter an area that they would never have otherwise gone to to find a specific person by 'accident'

5 )Language
-Cursing and swearing is fine, but please keep it to a minimum. It is understandable in character to get mad but keep it low or censor yourself like D**n or Sh*t. Everyone does it so there should be no reason your character wouldn't.

6 ) Proper Posting
-Please use "" for speaking, and no text speak or ** for actions. It is preferred to speak in third person but it's not required.

7 ) Death of a Character
-No one is permitted to kill anyone without the roleplayer's permission. This of course has its exceptions; if you are in a fight and you are put into a position where you can run and live, take it. If you do not, you will die; you cannot use the rules to further yourself in the RP. If you have to be warned more than once, you will be told to edit your posts. If you do not comply you will be removed from this roleplay for failure to comply with the roleplay rules and your character will die.

8 ) Advertising
-Advertising can be done on the "[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]" forum only. Advertising VIA-PM is strictly prohibited. If you are caught or reported you may get an infraction, temporary ban or permanent ban.
Advertising sites under signatures is allowed to, so use it up wisely.

9 ) Character and Art Fraud
-Account hacking, claiming art that you did not create, saying you are someone that you are not. These are all things that are punishable with a permanent ban, this is without exception. Do not make character accounts with the intent of using it for these manners as there will be reproductions.

10 ) Character Progression
-It is encouraged to evolve throughout the RP and as such, adding changes to both your character profile that you create in the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] over that time should reflect that change. Just make sure to reply at the bottom of your application the changes you are going to make and if there are any problems, a moderate/admin will say so. If you are caught adding things to your profile without consulting the mods or admin to give yourself a edge against someone else or overpower your character, you will be warned and you will change it.

11 ) – [Signature]
-Signature may contain images and or videos, but if your gonna add a video please place them in spoiler tags
[spoiler]I am a spoiler[/spoiler]

Our maximum signature size is 150px tall and 650px wide
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Images larger than that will be removed without mercy. You may sport many signatures, just as long as its hidden in spoilers.
Max signature: 3

12) RP Samples in Character Submissions
- You will be required to add an RP Sample to the RP Sample section of your character template starting today, June 7th 2012. You say that people know how you RP, but not everyone who's never known you will know how you RP so you will be required to make a sample so they know how you RP if something ever happens and you two RP together.

13) Adult RPs
- You aren't allowed to do anything sexual in the RP areas. You can't have sex with another character and you're not allowed to do it through PM. If I suspect this I can go into your account and check your PMs. If someone is trying to do this kind of RPing with you, you're urged to report it to me or any other admin on the forum. If youre caught, you'll get the ultimate warning where if you get another warning you're banned from the forum. This is your first warning as it is right now. IF you're caught...well...you know. And if your characters aren't meant to interact with each other, like if one starts in one area and another one starts in another, you can't interact as if you're in the same area.

14) Character Profiles
- If you have more than one character, you're urged to make another account so you can play as your other character on the other profile.

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The Rules
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